Tax Solutions

Because planning ahead before making every important move minimizes your tax consequences.

Audit & Assurance

Because everything about the statements you’re about to present has to accurately represent your company’s true financial position.

Accounting Advantage

Because nothing is more useful in keeping your company efficient and profitable than data maintained by experienced professionals.

Business Evolution ™

Because we know that the birdseye viewpoint helps to reveal the bigger picture, and creates opportunities to move from good to greatness.

Your Company Is In A State Of Evolution.

It Takes A Special CPA To Follow.

The company you look like today may not be the one you resemble many years from now. There could be many different products, services, employees, locations and clients. A number of external forces in the market or the economy can influence your direction as well.

These aren’t the kind of things every Accountant thinks about. But at Bronswick Reicin Pollack, our clients have plans that consist of more than just filing tax forms and reconciling bank accounts. They need a partner who understands where they’ve been, where they want to go from here and how they can adapt financially from one era to another as smoothly as possible.

It’s why we’re part of every major stage of our clients’ growth. Let’s see how BRP can fit into your success story.

  • Tax Planning and Prep
  • Audits - Reviews - Compilations
  • Reconciliation & Financial Statements
  • Business Advisory